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What would happen if everybody within a company spends 100% of their time doing what they want to do? Not just the 10% that we know people at Google get, but the full 100%; day in day out. Spending 100% of their time learning and experimenting. Working on prototyping and running tests. Working on solutions for actual problems. Solutions that will improve upon people’s lives.

We know that innovation comes from doing things differently rather than following the same paths time and time again. Companies that want to innovate need people who think differently and dare to wander off the paved paths. They are the people who fully disagree with “doing it the way we’ve always done it” that we see in so many corporate environments. Seth Godin calls these people Linchpins, and every company needs a couple of Linchpins. But how do you get these Linchpins? Or even better, how do you get your employees to adopt some of their skills and their way of thinking?

The company we want to build has no predefined product or service. Its products and services come from the work that the employees want to do. Work that they truly care about and are willing to use all their energy for. Within the company several groups will emerge. Groups of people that have the same interest in a certain topic or problem. These groups will intensively cooperate, share thoughts, ideas and knowledge, resulting in a product or service. Even a piece of art could be the result.

The Linchpin Academy celebrates thinking differently, and invites other people and companies to join and learn so that they can adopt and apply to their own work environment.


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